Smart Factory & Automation Technology Expo (“S-FACTORY EXPO”)

Smart Factory & Automation Technology Expo (hereafter referred to as “S-FACTORY EXPO”) is a professional

exhibition dedicated to electronic manufacturing automation assembly solutions. It features six sections, namely machine

vision, Internet of Things and big data, industrial software, industrial robot, system integration, intelligent storage and

logistics, all of which involve the advanced technology of "smart factory", bringing automation, digitalization, system

integration, smart manufacturing among other new technologies and new equipment to electronic manufacturing

enterprises in the fields of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communications and electronics and others.

Exhibitor Profile

Machine Vision



Machine Vision integration

Image Processing System

Smart Camera

Industrial Lens



Internet of Things & Big Data

Industrial Internet Technology

Big Data Processing

Cloud Computing



System Integration

Automated Production Integration

Automation Control System



Industrial Software

Smart Camera

Industrial IT Software

Factory Production Software


Intelligent Storage & Logistics

Intelligent Three-dimensional Storage


Automation of Internal Logistics


Industrial Robots

Industrial Robots

Service Robots

Robotic Simulation & Vision System

Robotic Parts


Motor control equipment

Transmission/Pneumatic Equipment & Accesories

Automation Supporting Equipment & Accessories